Sparsham Prathibha Scholarships

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Sparsham Prathibha 2015 2015

Prathibha Scholarships are an initiative of Sparsham. We are conducting this scholarship exams only on government schools and award the scholarship amount for the top candidates. The amount of scholarship will vary from class as well as the location where school is situated.

All the exams were based on the syllabus of 8,9 and 10 classes. The official notification will be announced before the eligibility exams (Onam/Christmas Exams). Students scored above the cutt off criteria will be eligible for Pradibha. The assessment will be based on the syllabus for each class.

We worked with management, staff and students of Nadavannur school to make this scholarship as a great sucess ! We welcome all our members to Pradibha scholarship award ceremony at Govt. School, Nadavannur #kozhikode on 24th January 2015 at 4PM.

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