Relief Kits distribution at Kollengode Tribal Settlement

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Tribal Settlement Visits Distribution

Kollengode is one of the major town in Palakkad district of Kerala state. The nearest railway station is Palakkad (19 KM) and busses are available from Thrissur- Pollachi route (2 hours from Thrissur). The culture is a mix of Tamil and Malayalam as you can see people speaking both Tamil and Malayalam. The following is a summary of records from a report by Kerala government. The tribal settlement we visited contains people belongs to Eravallan category.

Tribal Settlement Details



Eravallans are inhabitants of the Palghat District. seen settled in the low lying lands adjoining the high mountains They speak a poor dialect of Tamil in Malayalam. They are either agriculturists or farm laborers. A few own land which they cultivate successfully. They were animists and tote mists of the highest order. They celebrate Onam, Vishu, Mattu Pongal festivals. According to the 2011 census, their population can be estimated to be 4,797.

Minutes of the meeting


The interactive session was started after the lunch. People were gathered and we had a formal meeting with the representatives from their welfare organizations. The meeting was presided by one of the leader from their welfare organizations and RJ Manu was honored as the chief guest of the meeting.The native speakers including Madhavettan, helped us to understand their current troubles and challenges faced by the people residing over there. Also they informed their bad experiences with some other NGO which offered charity activities.


They are on a hunger strike from the last four months to re-issue their certificates which ensures they belongs to tribal community and ensures the privileges available to them. Sparsham offered all the help with in our limits by expressing our solidarity to their activities. RJ Manu delivered an inspiration speech mentioning the eminent persons from the tribal communities.


Sayuj,Nithun, Prajesh and Vishnu represented the Sparsham and provided some information about Sparsham and also discussed various topics like importance of hygienic environments. Also discussed about the importance of education to the next generation. We are happy that all the children in the settlement are school going and a few of them attending college also.


The function was held in a small hall which is using for multipurpose activities including marriages, but it doesn’t have any bathroom facilities. Along with a request to aid them to arrange bathroom facilities and they requested to conduct awareness sessions. In reply to these requests, Sayuj informed that these request will be present at the Executive Committee (EC) and will act on it based on the EC’s decision. The meeting ended with a vote of thanks to the chair.


Thanks & Hugs !

Thanks to Madavettan, and other leaders from the tribal settlement to give us an opportunity to stand with the community and for the delicious lunch. R J Manu, from Calicut for accepting our humble request and changing his schedules and be part of the event & also for inspirational speech. All the friends who are not part of Sparsham, worked with us to make this event grand success. Hugs to all those , who joined to raise the funds for purchasing these items.


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