Relief Kits distribution at Kollengode Tribal Settlement

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Tribal Settlement Visits Distribution

Kollengode is one of the major town in Palakkad district of Kerala state. The nearest railway station is Palakkad (19 KM) and busses are available from Thrissur- Pollachi route (2 hours from Thrissur). The culture is a mix of Tamil and Malayalam as you can see people speaking both Tamil and Malayalam. The following is a summary of records from a report by Kerala government. The tribal settlement we visited contains people belongs to Eravallan category.

Kollengode Tribal Settlement visit

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Tribal Settlement Visits Distribution

Tribals in Kerala (Adivasis of Kerala) are the indigenous population found in the southern Indian state of Kerala. Most of the tribal people of Kerala live in the forests and mountains of Western Ghats, bordering Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

Sparsham Annual General Body Meeting (AGM)

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Sparsham AGM Ernakulam

We are pleased to announce that Annual General body of Sparsham on 24th June 2018. The meeting will be started by morning ten to two. Please plan accordingly.
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